The Royal House of Tanna


Ooooh! Shiny things!

Ooooh! Shiny things!

Now who is this curiously be-dazzled chap? The dictator of some obscure country? A pantomime character? Captain birdseye? Apparently not. Meet, as he prefers to be known (translated from French as accurately as possible);

“His Majesty, Claude-Philippe I, by the Grace of God and the Chiefdom of the Island, Traditional King of Tanna, Head of the Royal House, Chief of the Name and Arms of the Princely House of Tanna Shepherd, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, Duke of Swabia, Duke of Styria, Earl Berger, and Count of Sablon, Count Calvayrac, Baron Glatens, Baron Von Pleiss, Baron to the Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Throne, Baron of the Holy Roman Empire, Lord of Brocard and Puechguizel. According to the Orthodox tradition, His Majesty was consecrated Bishop of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Europe.”

Seems legit… Right? But before we start pulling apart his impressive selection of titles, lets take a look at some of his other claims… His so-called ‘Kingdom’, Tanna, is a small Island in the Tafea Priovince of Vanuatu, formerly part of the New Hebrides.  According to Birdseye, er… His Majesty, the title of ‘Prince of Tanna’ was first granted to ‘King Antoine I’, in 1993. On  July 10, 1994, this supposed title was confirmed as hereditary, and then in 1998, Claude Philippe was appointed (yes, appointed to a hereditary title!) to the position Crown Prince. Shortly before this alleged King’s death in 1999, he ‘abdicated’ in favour of ol’ beardy who now ‘reigns’ as Claude Philippe I.

'King' Claude giving  a speech

‘King’ Claude-Philippe giving a speech

When I took a look at this fellow’s website, he (claims) his supporters include a variety of notable bodies and personages, including; Prince Charles of Wales, the Foreign Office, the Dowager Countess of Paris, and, wait for it…  Queen Elizabeth II! It is amusing, but perhaps sad, that this self-styled King seems to think people will believe his ridiculous claims.

Not only does he claim to have the support of many Royals, he also provides an EXTREMELY long list of honours he holds, which is as follows:
Grand Master of the Order of the Dynastic Pelican
Grand Master of the Dynastic Order of Royal Crown of Tanna
Grand Master of the Dynastic Order of Volcano
Grand Master of the Royal Order of the Dynastic Emerald
Regent of the Sovereign Order of the Temple Celtic
Honorary Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights
Grand Cross Vicar General Orders of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Europe
Grand Prior Orders Corona Swabia
Lieutenant-General Le Cordon Bleu du Saint-Esprit
Consul General Marseille Corona Azteca

Member of the Institute of the Great Mosque of Paris.

Grand Elector con di Giustizia Collana (San Gereone)
Grand Collar Justicio Capitulo de Caballeros del Antiguo Reino de Corona of Arag ó n
Grand Collar of Justice Cordon Bleu du Saint-Esprit
Large Collar de Justiça da Ordem dos Cavaleiros do Leão Soberana Azul

Grand Cross Orden Signum Fidei.
Nobiliaro Grand Cross Circulo de los Caballeros Universales.
del Grand Cross estament Cavallers Nobles of the Principality of Catalonia
Grand Cross Imperial del Ordine di Carlo Magno
Grand Cross Imperial Ordine del Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe del Anahuac
High Colar de Justiça Cruz da Ordem Sobrana religiosa da Coroa theocratic back Auranitas
Filhos David
Grand Cross of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Christ the Savior

Grand Officer of the Public Encouragement
Grand Officer of the Order of the Star of friendship

Grand Commander of the Sovereign Order of the Knights Occitans
Grand Commander of the Sovereign Order of Saint George of Burgundy

Commander of the Order of National Merit (CARICOM States Saint Vincent and the Grenadines).
Commander of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem – Knights of Malta-order hereditary
Commander Imperial Orden del Soberano e Corona Azteca ,
Commander of the Order of Saint-Michel.
Commander Order of Saint Andrew.
Commander Orden de San Jorge and Santa Rosa de America.
Commander of the Order of Michael the Archangel
Commander of Justice of the Sovereign Order of St John Jerusalem – Order hereditary Officer of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Santa Maria of Bethlehem.

Plaque for Merit Ordo Militaris Teutonicus
Plaque of Merit of the Order of the Griffon
Plate “Humanitas den-Verdienstorden” Gold Ordo Sancti Ladislai
ereditario dell’Ordine Cavaliere di Santa Militare e ospedaliere Elizabet hesse Darmastad
del Caballero Orden del Camino de Santiago
Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem.
Knight of Justice del Supremus Militaris Ordo Templi ac Hierosolymitani.
Chevalier Sovereign and the Royal Order of Piast.
Chevalier of the Order of the Knights of the International Star Peace.
Chevalier de la Orden del Collar of Piedro of Boriquén
Knight The Noble Corporation of Honour Guard of the Imperial House of Sellassie
Caballero del Capitulo Hispano-Americano del Caballeros-Encomenderos
Cross Chest Traditionsverband Der Auschlusskampfer Burgenland. (Austria).
Cross Fighters of Europe.
Croce d’Onore di Gerusalem
Crusem di Ordo Honoris Santorum Martyrum Cosmae and Damiani
Croce di merito del Sacro sovrano Ordine dei Cavalieri di Cristiano San Basilio Il Grande
Croix St. Anthony of the Desert. (Holy Coptic Orthodox Alexandria)
Bronze Medal – Marshal Radetzky Kameradshaft.
Premio della Sodarieta Notta di Natale
Medal of the City of Duisburg. –
Medal of the City of Villotte.
Bronze Medal of the French courtesy.

Interestingly, I know of very few Orthodox Patriarchs of Europe who are recipients of dozens of Catholic Chivalric orders!


Members of the self-style Royal house at an 'official function'

Members of the self-styled Royal house at an ‘official function’

His ‘life partner‘, who calls herself ‘Princess Sylviane of Isangel’, a title bestowed upon her by who else but His Serene Falsity, King Claude, also has a similarly long list of titles, most of which (no surprises here) were also awarded by Tanna’s supposed King. Interestingly, nobody on the island seems to have heard of the pair. A spokesperson on behalf of one of the Island’s chiefs was reported to have said:

“We do not know him [Claude] and never see him before. Not that we know of, this impostor has never set his feet on Tanna, nor Vanuatu because if he did come to Tanna we would have known about it.”

The truth is that ‘King’ Claude is nothing more than an impostor, an international fraudster, and a despicable liar. His name is Claude Berger and he lives in Nice, France. From what I  can gather, the majority of his claimed honours  are self styled or made up. As for the few legitimate Orders, I doubt they have ever even heard of this man. I am amazed by the sheer audacity of Mr Berger, whose absurd claims are so ludicrous it makes me question whether he is at all sane. His friend ‘Sylviane’ is clearly just as deluded and has no attachment to world Royalty whatsoever. The Royal House of Tanna is nothing more than a sad figment of Claude Berger’s creative imagination.


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