Lord Brett McLean of Hastings

Is he aristocracy? No. Is he a midget? Possibly.

Is he aristocracy? No. All that we know for certain is that he doesn’t seem to know what a proper dinner jacket is.

Meet Brett McLean, self-styled Lord of Hastings, who seems to have risen up from relatively humble beginnings and done quite well for himself.

Do not underestimate this man because of his apparent small stature… He’s got powerful friends (aallegedly). He has apparently used his ‘title’ to gain various positions in what seem like perfectly reputable organisations. Intrigued after learning about him, I decided to look a bit further into his claims. After contacting this fellow, I inquired as to how he obtained his ‘title’. The response I received was;

“It was given to me by the speaker to the confederation of the cinque ports when he died.”

Following this, I told him that it was the government’s duty to bestow titles upon people, he replied;

“Hm and government but also other hereditary titles that just get passed down rather than terminated.”
Ok… Back up a minute. OF COURSE hereditary titles are passed down. That’s the whole point! But they’re not “given”! I then asked him if he had inherited  the title, and if the speaker was his relative, he responded
“No he was a friend. We served on the council together” Oh dear.

This writers thoughts in response to Brett's absurd claims

This writer’s thoughts in response to self-styled Lord Brett’s absurd claims

Intrigued by McLean’s ‘title’, I then asked for some more information on its origins.

“[It] was delivered by his solicitor [in] a rather large bundle of paperwork. No ceremony or anything just a massive brown envelope.”
Now, I may not be the greatest authority on the Peerage of Great Britain, but this writer would hazard a guess that if a so-called ‘solicitor’ brings a you a bundle of papers, tells you you’re a Peer of the Realm, then promptly buggers off, there’s *possibly* something amiss. It’s as if somebody played a trick on this poor man and he never got over the joke. Unfortunately, readers, the reality of McLean’s foolish claims is not as clear to some others than it is to you and I…
‘Lord’ Brett served four years on Hastings Borough Council as its youngest (and probably its shortest) Councillor. He also does various charity work- although it’s a shame that he seems to feel the need to have a title to do so. He also claims to have a Diploma in Forensic Science Crime Scene Investigations and to currently be studying Law- as well as owning his own photography business. Which isn’t a surprise. Because little Brett seems to LOVE having his pictures taken with big, important people!
Yes, Brett mixes with the high and mighty on a regular basis. In fact, he boasts of visiting Downing Street & regularly uses pictures of himself outside of Number 10 on Facebook. But how did this man get invited, you may ask? Brett holds a number of important jobs, and he’s always looking for more from what we can tell!
Now, this is where impostors cross a line and the fun and games end. Many of these fakes are harmless, but this man, I am afraid, is anything but. From what I can tell, he has lied and cheated his way into (otherwise trustworthy) organisations and holds a number of positions which he, as far as I can see, has gained with false credentials (pretending he is a ‘Lord’). These have included & include:

Chairman for the friends of the Conquest Centre

Club leader for Hastings Gateway Club

Chairman for St. Leonards Liberal Democrats

Vice Chairman of East Sussex Federation of Small Businesses

Chairman for the East Sussex Economic Advisory Board

Deputy National Councillor/Director for the National Federation of Small Businesses

President of Bexhill Furry Friends and Trustee for Hastings Furniture Services

The reality is that many people are totally naive in the world of Peerages, and will believe almost anything. This man acts as if he’s a public figure- why should people think he’s a fake? The sad truth is that people are far too quick to accept the claims of people like McLean. In reality, he has no claim to any titles whatsoever. He has deceived and infiltrated many innocent organisations, and flaunts around pretending he is aristocracy. If anybody in Hastings sees him, they should stay far away. This man is, if not the subject of a poor deception, nothing but a fraud, a scoundrel, and a liar.



5 thoughts on “Lord Brett McLean of Hastings

  1. Best cut the bull shit! TuT TuT! Probably best if you take your pathetic little site offline (no really, it probably is). I’ll check to see if it’s still online tomorrow afternoon!

    1. Threats and obscene language directed towards writers will not be tolerated on our website. Your name, IP, and Email Address have been noted and reported.

  2. Excellent site! A pity it offends some people. However, the proper term is “Little Person”, or “Dwarf”, not “Midget” ;-). Keep up the good work. People need to know about these sorts of scams. 🙂

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