Ezio Scaglione and The Principality of Navaza

Scaglione poses next to his crown...

Scaglione poses next to his ‘Royal Regalia’

Allow me, readers, to introduce you to, as he is usually called H.H., the Chevalier, Grand Commander Ezio Scaglione, Prince of San Giorgio, Marquis of Pinzolo, GCLJ-J, KMLJ, and also self-proclaimed Prince/Sovereign of the Island of Navaza (also known as Navassa.) As you can see, he enjoys having his photo taken (of course, only when he’s dolled up in his state regalia and his blinding display of shiny things).

From what I can gather from his website, he claims to be head of his very own ‘Sovereign State’, which has its own President, Parliament, High Court, and National Assembly. As sovereign, he claims to be head of their ‘armed forces’, and manage the ‘nation’s’ foreign affairs. He certainly does a lot for a man nobody seems to have heard of!

Perhaps even more interestingly, Scaglione also claims his ‘state’ has the support of Charles I of Spain in the form of a Royal warrant. For some inexplicable reason, I can find no evidence of this so-called warrant anywhere. Perhaps King Claude Philippe I will write him a new one…

Also a surprise to me, when I did some research on the Island of Navassa, I found out that it’s a tiny island in the Caribbean and has been uninhabited for almost 100 years. So it seems Scaglione is running his own Navacense government in exile… If one can even call it that.


Scaglione rises from his throne to deal with what is probably VERY important state business.

Among holding a variety of honours, which he seems to feel the need to wear (incorrectly) everywhere he goes, Scaglione happens to be the Chancellor of the (not so legitimate) [Italian] Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem. They don’t seem to have any qualms about his claims, and seem to be happy to let him (over)dress in whatever ludicrous manner he likes.

Scaglione at a function of the self-styled (Italian) Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem

Scaglione at a function of the self-styled (Italian) Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem, of which he is the Chancellor.

But the dozens of (fake) ‘Orders’ he claims to hold weren’t enough for this man. He wanted his very own order. So, he created one for his ‘state’, Navaza. In the below photo, he is wearing the neck ribbon of an ‘Order’ which I can find no information on. However, the neck badge of this ‘Order’ is identical to the coat of arms of Scaglione’s so-called principality, and the ribbon matches his self-declared nation’s flag. In fact, in the very top photo in this article, he is wearing a similar sash.


Scaglione and an unidentified individual wear the insignia of one of his ‘Orders’.

Not only this, we’ve even seen Ezio wearing a Cardinal’s outfit. Perhaps ‘H.H.’ is short for His Holiness, Cardinal-Archbishop of Navaza…


Archbishop of Fantasy-bury?

Archbishop of Fantasy-bury?

Not only does Scaglione claim to be ruler of his own country, he also seems to think he's a consecrated Bishop

Not only does Scaglione claim to be ruler of his own country, he also seems to think he’s a consecrated Bishop

To summarise, Ezio Scaglione is nothing more than another poor soul that has taken their imagination a step too far. He masquerades under various aristocratic & knightly titles, even sometimes as a member of the clergy, and should be avoided like the plague. I sternly advise readers to warn anyone associated with this man or his so-called sovereign state to stay clear away from him.




5 thoughts on “Ezio Scaglione and The Principality of Navaza

  1. Poor Ezio is not wearing Cardinal’s robes but those of a bishop – however, it appears to be in a church where everyone is a bishop and which doesn’t bother with such mundane things as churches or congregations. He represents one of the jurisdictions of the Order of ST Lazarus, which was founded by an honourable man – who is doubtless turning in his grave.

  2. Dearest friends, but there is a mytomaniac more big than Ezio Scaglione, what’s about Vito Caterini di Castel di Mirto who use a bogus style of nobility and today tell that his principalty has his seat at North Pole? and on web site put a photo of town where he born.

  3. This guy it was the honorific ambassador of Italy in Somalia like 20 years ago.

    Together with the president of this time, they throwed toxic residuous along the somali coast.

    This is how this guy get rich……

    min. 22:47

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