Lord Martyn Paul Waddington Spencer Link

Overcompensating for something, milord?

Overcompensating for something, milord?

Introducing, as we know him, His Lordship, Martyn Paul ‘Waddington’ Spencer Link, Lord of Kinterbury, although he also apparently describes himself as Lord Kinterbury. Martyn here, who seems to love having his photo taken (in a variety of interesting poses), seems to thrive anywhere people buy into his dubious claims (or anywhere people take a photo of him standing next to something).

From what I can tell from his Facebook account, he seems to have a number of very important friends, including the (in)famous ‘Lord’ Brett McLean of Hastings.

Powerful friends...

Powerful friends… Martyn mixes with many (supposed) Lords and Ladies

On Martyn’s website, he claims that the Lordship of Kinterbury has a ‘long documented history’. Unfortunately, the only shred of evidence I can find on any other site about ‘His Lordship’ which doesn’t seem to be self-produced, is a very dodgy looking Manorial Titles website which seems to be more interested in making money out of these poor souls rather than documenting real titles. Manorial titles, though valid, do not give the owner to call themselves “Lord John Smith”. They are property, rather than actual “titles”.


Martyn loves posing in places befitting to his title

But, back to Martyn and his claims. Every now and again, he seems to call himself the 1st Feudal Baron of Kinterbury. Strangely enough, a feudal Lordship hasn’t been created for hundreds of years… So that would mean that Martyn is either very, very old, or telling porkies. On Martyn’s website, however, he claims that the Lord of Kinterbury owns several titles, which are obviously too important to be divulged to the likes of you and I, so Martyn doesn’t, as far as I can find, tell us which.

Knight in shining armour? Or damsel in distress...

Knight in shining armour? Or a damsel in distress…

He also claims to hold membership of many ‘noble and aristocratic’ societies, though which ones in particular, he fails to specify. Martyn wears a very impressive medal. And guess what? You can own it yourself for just a few coppers, and have it shipped all the way over to you from mainland China in 5-7 days! And I’m pretty certain you can get that cape from any decent Toys R us branch.


‘His Lordship’ poses for the camera

Yes, things are beginning to seem a lot clearer now, aren’t they? Poor Martyn was either, it seems, some gullible punter that was silly enough to believe what he read on the net, or it seems he is stupid enough to believe other people will. If you ever come into contact with ‘His Lordship’, do give him a heads up that nobody’s buying it.


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