This site, Fake Orders and Titles, is a serious site with a satirical bite: its intent is firstly:

To expose false “Orders” of Knighthood and Merit that do not meet the following criteria which are internationally accepted as the basis of the definition of a legitimate Order of Chivalry; 1. They are currently recognized by a legal State, Head of a Royal House, or the Head of a legitimate Royal House no longer regnant, 2. They were established before the Congress of Vienna (1814), 3. They are listed as a legitimate Order of Chivalry by the ICOC and Burke’s WOKM. Any group that claims that it is an Order of Chivalry that does not meet these Criteria is bogus.

And, secondly:

To expose those who use Royal Titles and styles illegitimately, or who call themselves by titles or styles of the nobility to which they have no right, have fabricated out of thin air, or have “purchased” or been “given” through dubious procedures. Typically, our site only posts about false members of nobility that are using their claimed “title(s)” for gain, but some exceptions may occur.

Our editorial team can be contacted at fakeordersandtitles@gmail.com


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