King Fernidad Frederick of Prussia




Presenting, as he usually calls himself, His Majesty, King Fernidad Frederick of Prussia, (although he has a variety of other titles, apparently). Now, although he might not strike readers as what you’d expect a king to look like, he would claim otherwise. The biography of his Facebook page is as follows:


“The Prussian Royal Family is known to be at its size of 1,212 twin Princes and Princesses from the King of Prussia Fernidad Frederick and Heather Ginnelle a descendant of Wallis Simpson who then married abdicated King of England Edward VIII who King Fernidad possibly had other children from numerous women such as Heather Ross a descendant of U.S. President George Washington and others from a Hospital in Cairo, Egypt.

Known is King Fernidad’s first born son Allah the Great and the King’s 200th born son known as the Biblical character God including Fernidad himself known as Holy King Jehovah Hohenzollern Ur being related as Great Grandson to Prince Hermann Wilhelm Göring of the Nazi Party who was related to Prince Augustus Frederick of Prussia who had King of Prussia William II all the way down to Kaiser II and Prince Augustus who was Uncle to all the King’s of Russia from his mother Catherine the Great.

King of Prussia Fernidad Frederick is known to be related to Jesus Christ of the Church of Gervais of France from his mother Saint Marie Jean Gervais who Jesus is related to Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte who had a son Frederick the Great of Prussia under the name of Frederick William de Thulemeier.”


Hmm… A tad suspicious, I’d say. Not only have I never heard of him, but his genealogy seems to be slightly exaggerated… I’d imagine very few people are related to Jesuus Christ, Jesus Christ, and Edward VIII… But really, how can THIS man be a fake?


Is that part of his Mother’s dressing gown?

Aside from the ill-fitting suit, tacky badges, and horrendous sash, this man looks the very image of Royalty, no? One can even find coins with His Majesty’s divine countenance emblazoned upon it!


Regal: ‘King’ Fernidad on a ‘coin’

Unfortunately for Fernidad, no matter how many coins he makes, he doesn’t seem to be fooling many people. He even issues his own Pour le Merite medals, which you yourself can obtain yourself (for a small ‘donation’ to the Royal House, of course). Now, although this man doesn’t seem dangerous, a handful of naive people unfortunately seem to be buying into his arrant nonsense. Don’t be one of those people. The sad truth is that ‘King Fernidad Frederick’ (as I do not know his real name) is just another deluded fantasist with no connection to European Royalty whatsoever.

The “real” King of Prussia

Prince George Frederick, Kaiser Wilhelm II’s great Grandson, is the current head of the House of Hohenzollern. As such, it makes him the only person with a valid claim to the Kingdom of Prussia (were it to be restored). In reality, no such title has existed since 1918.


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