Prince Stefan of Montenegro

Introducing, His Imperial and Royal Highness, Stephan (sometimes known as Stefan, or Stefano) Tchernetich, Hereditary Prince of Montenegro, Serbia, and Albania, Voivodina, Hereditary Titular Emperor of Constantinople, Romania and Greece.


Prince Stefan makes the Loyal toast, to himself…

You can find more about Stefan on his website here, but be warned, you’ll have to endure some very, very bad music if you want to read any of the content on it. Stefan comes from an ancient and noble family, so ancient, in fact, that nobody (except Stefan) seems to have heard of them. We are told that they are:

“Nobles of Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Jugoslavia, Earls in Russia; of Hungarian origin, living in Belgrade (Serbia), they are the most ancient and eminent house of Belgradian nobility. In Serbia they have been honored of nobility status since immemorial times. Nobles of Agram (XVIII century); officers of cavalry, diplomatics, engineers and, more recently, university teachers (at polytechnic of Zurich, Switzerland). Title of nobles of SRI and coat-of-arms were recognized by Empress Mary Theresa of Austria with letters patent dated 1.III.1751-family of the mother of present Heir Prince, born in Belgrade (Serbia).”

From Stefan’s ‘official residence’ in Belgrade, he seems to undertake a number of highly important official Royal duties. Stefan even bestows “the nobility titles of Noble, Hereditary Knight, Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis, Duke, Prince” to the poor sods that’ve been sad enough to buy into his nonsense. Not only this, Stefan also bestows five different Chivalric Orders upon his naive followers, which are as follows:

The Imperial Equestrian Order of St. Hubert.

The Imperial Orthodox Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

The Dynastic Equestrian Order of Merit “Goldener Doppeladler” (Golden Eagle), the Imperial House Cernetic.

The Angelico Sacro Imperiale Equestrian Order of St. George Orthodox Constantinian.

The Cernetic Imperial Order.

No fake Royal would be complete without fake Orders!

No fake Royal would be complete without fake Orders!

From what I’ve seen, anyone can get into one of these ‘Orders’ if they make a ‘small donation’ to ‘Prince’ Stefan’s office… How very generous of him! I don’t want to ramble on about the dubious titles and honours this man awards, because frankly I could write pages about the ridiculous things, so to keep this article as concise as possible, lets get back to Stefan’s Royal activities…


Symphony of Strawberry, Sire?

A few weeks ago, he attended a Gala dinner in his honour at the Hilton, Portomaso, Malta. Oddly, Stefan was only addressed as ‘H.R.H. Prince Stefano Cernetich, Prince of Montenegro’- His Imperial and Royal Highness clearly didn’t want to make a fuss about titles…

The dinner’s other guest of honour was a man called ‘Prince Cammarano Zampeschi di Forlinpopoli’. Now, aside from the fact that his name sounds like an exotic dessert, it appears nowhere on Google, neither does the Principality of Forlinpopoli. ‘His Royal Highness’ has also been addressed as ‘SAS Principe don Cosimo Cammarano of Zampeschi Forlinpopoli’. Things really couldn’t get any more far-fetched than this, could they?

But, they do… You haven’t heard who was hosting…

“His Eminence, the Admor of Malta, High Priest of God and Spiritual Grand Master of the Supreme Order of the University of Light.”

Now, granted, there is an Admor of Malta. Whether the real one hosted Stefan at the Hilton I don’t know. But what I do know, is that I doubt he has the right to call himself ‘High Priest of God’ nor ‘Spiritual Grand Master of the Supreme Order of the University of Light’ (most importantly because no such ‘Order’ exists, as far as I can see. Furthermore if it did, it would not be a real Chivalric Order so should not be called and treated as such).

Stefan poses for the camera in Venice.

Stefan poses for the camera in Venice.

But, back to Stefan. So, we’ve learnt that some of his chums have dodgy backgrounds. But what about his background? After an extensive internet search on the “Royal and Imperial House of Tchernetich”, the only links I could find leading to information about this family were to Stefan’s own website or to one of his various Facebook pages. So the honest answer is, he doesn’t have one.

Stefan Cernetic, if that even is his real name, is a liar and a fake. His claimed links to European Royalty are obscure and not to be relied upon. He is by no means a member of any Royal or Imperial House, let alone is he the head of one. He has no connections to the Royal Houses of Montenegro, Serbia, or Albania whatsoever. The titles and Orders he bestows upon those foolish enough to believe his arrant nonsense are just as bogus as his own. His companions seem to be just as deluded and this writer would advise anyone coming into contact with him or his supporters to avoid them like the plague.

The Real Royals

I’m going to try and keep this as short as possible, but the real title holders of the places Stefan (claims) to be Prince (or Emperor) of, are as follows:

Alexander II Karađorđević, is the current head of the House of Karađorđević. He is the rightful King of Serbia, and would be so were the throne to be restored (which, hopefully, will be sooner rather than later).

Nikola II Petrović-Njegoš, is the current head of the House of Petrović-Njegoš (and actually second cousin once removed of the above), making him rightful heir to the Kingdom of Montenegro, were it to be restored.

Leka II of Albania, is the current head of the House of Zogu, the Royal House of Albania. He is the Grandson of King Zog I of the Albanians, making him rightful King of Albania. Leka currently works for the Albanian Ministry of Foreign affairs, and would reign as King Leka II were Albania to restore its monarchy.

Michael I of Romania, is the former King of Romania, having already been restored once in the 1940s. He is currently the rightful King of Romania. Hopefully, in time the Romanian monarchy will be restored, in which case he will again reign as King Michael I.

Constantine II of Greece, is the former King of Greece. He was forced to flee the country in 1967 following a coup and Greece declared itself a republic in 1973, confirmed by a referendum the following year. Constantine and the Greek Royal family have now finally been allowed to return to Greece and will hopefully be restored within the coming years.



12 thoughts on “Prince Stefan of Montenegro

  1. I´m extremely glad that this fake-prince will be observed. He can´t show proof of being a prince of Montenegro for sure, and ask him for proofs of all thses other titles he seems to use. For me it seems as this fake-prince is a heir to the rulers of all the Balkans and Turkey, and he is certainly not.

  2. I am completely upset in the ways this so called “Prince of Montenegro” is manipulating other people. People who believe this nonsense and follow him blindly. It is high time that Whatsisname gets caught in public.

  3. Glad that the truth has been uncovered. In another subject, it would be interesting that you see into the matter of Puerto Rico’s Taino natives royals. Meaning that, Boriken (the island’s taino name) had about 19 hereditary cheifdoms and all under the same maternal dynastic lineage “law” and each Cassique (Cheif) submitted under one High Cheif or “Bo Casique” the one who ruled Guainia territory. Under the reign of King Carlos I of Spain (emperor Carlos V of Germany) these families were granted the noble rank of Hidalgos with their respective cassical names as surname. It has been hard to me to locate anything about the corresponding decency.

  4. Did you know that “Prince Stephan” knighted actress Pamela Anderson some time ago?
    She talked about this on a Swedish TV-show yesterday that the “Prince” made her a Dame of Montenegro and Countess of Monaco.
    And watching his Facebook page it is amazing how many stupid people there are who believe him.
    Pamelas acceptance speech:

  5. Why not take a closer look at
    Prince Louis Doimi de Lupis Frankopan Subic Zrinski from Croatia (?) residing in London;
    his daughter Paula is married to
    Lord Nicholas Windsor.

  6. Over the last few years I have had the unfortunate “pleasure” of meeting no less than 14 fake royals. Whilst many of these have proven themselves to be somewhat tame and even amusing, other sadly use the innocence of people for their own benefits, mostly financial of course! For me, the true crime is not in the lies of passing themselves off as royals directly but in the damage they do to the credibility of causes for which real royals fight, especially on the humanitarian front. For example, many countries in the Balkans suffer from disastrous conditions on many levels and my beloved Serbia is no exception. What kills me is to know that trash like this imposter collect money and then spend it on their lavish lifestyles whilst people suffer and die from causes that could, in many cases, be cured with these funds. When people see this it makes it all the more difficult for us to then ask for more funds as by then many suspicions are flying around. Another sad fact is that there are enough people on this earth who openly support such imposters and even use their medals and decorations for their own benefit.

  7. I regularly come across some of those people who have bought fake titles. There are a dime a dozen around here. They are not innocent victims, but willing accomplices in a deceptive scheme to appear as what they are not.

  8. This fake Prince purports to award an Order which replicates the badges and devices of the Sacro Militare Ordine Costantiniano di San Giorgio, a genuine Order whose symbols are registered as service marks and symbols with the European registry at Alicante. The genuine Order, headed by HRH Infante Don Carlos de Borbón-Dos Sicilias y Borbón-Parma, duke of Calabria and Count of Caserta, is recognised in Spain and Italy, and is considering action against this imposter for abuse of these symbols.

    1. These kind king of fake Prince is a criminal and should be put to jail for 5 years , some people deal drug , this one deal fake dream . His ex boy friend ask his Ferrari back when he date his actual Italian girl friend in Monaco , been a bi sexuel is not an offense but such life style should be prohibit when he abuse the ownership of a car . He still use the Ferrari Spider and been report driving it in Monaco , you can see him on his face book page with it on company of his shadow Russians friends .

  9. Actualy the worst on this , is the use of genuine people as well not well inform and falling into the charm of this crook , they folow him like childs . I do agree it is criminal to abuse people , his former Boy Friend had enough of it and left him last year . Looking at his FB page it seem he fool the Vatican , divers European Nobilities and others from Monaco where he is playing around . Thank God you find this awfull guy . i am sure he is not a real Cernetic or Tcnernetich in Serbian ! , let him show his Italian or Serbian passport or Romanian may be , i won t be surprise indeed .

  10. I don’t think he fooled the Vatican. Finding people in front of a church and asking to take a picture with them isn’t difficult. He claims to have received the Order of St Sylvester (Collar of the Order, no less…) from the Vatican. When you dig a little bit you discover that the order he received is not the Order of St Sylvester but something that vaguely look like it but is given by an association of a St Sylvester church in Rome… As bogus as his title is. I do hope that he had to pay for it, that would be justice for this fraud.

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