Evgeni Minchev von Bul

Presenting “Lord” Evgeni Minchev von Bul (although perhaps he’d be more aptly known as Buls**t). Before you ask, no, he’s not a bad Gok Wan impersonator. After a message from one of my Facebook fans, I took a look through some more pictures of this year’s Russian Summer Ball, and up popped this chap (as did his atrocious attire). On a professional level, he seems to run some form of PR Company, although, as far as I can tell, had no hand in organising the Russian Summer Ball, which (although a ‘strictly white tie and decorations’ event) he choose to attend in… Well, see for yourself. This writer isn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at his absurd attire.


Von Bul at this year’s Russian Summer Ball.

But, putting “His Lordship’s” dismaying attire aside, lets take a look at some of von Bul’s dubious achievements. He seems to be a member of a number of fake groups that masquerade as Chivalric Orders. One supposes it’s hardly unexpected for another desperate social climber (with such a horrifyingly nouveau riche dress sense, and equally unrefined appearance) to leap at the opportunity to involve themselves in “Orders” of Knighthood endorsed by their fellow fakes and (if they’re lucky) the occasional real aristocrat that couldn’t be bothered to check its legitimacy or even, in some cases, a poor, unsuspecting Royal.

Von Bul? Or von Bullsh*t?



After browsing his Facebook profile, accessible via his website, I noticed that he seems to wear the insignia of several fake Orders, a number of which I have never even heard of. Below he is pictured with two incredibly dodgy (and one might even say dangerous) characters who I actually covered briefly in a previous article, as follows:
“[The chap on the left] calls himself ‘the Vicomte Lawrence de Donges Amiss Amiss’ although I doubt that is his real name given that this man seems to have a history of false claims according to one website. Among these, ‘His Lordship’ has previously told this writer he is the descendant of exiled French Aristocracy, while his mother [the woman in green] supposedly masquerades as  ‘Lady Jennifer’. One wonders why on Earth such a man’s presence is tolerated in the group [the Imperial Order of St Stanislas], given his previous history of false and dubious claims.”


Left to right, Lawrence Donges, his mother, von Bul and an unknown man.

Above, von Bul seems to be wearing the insignia of ‘The Order of the Celtic Cross’- a fake Order if there ever was one. Below, I am unsure as to which particular group he is being invested into, but it does seem that the very well known fake Steven Turner is the person investing him (which frankly doesn’t narrow it down much, as he seems to be a member of dozens of bogus Orders). Below that picture, he is wearing yet another medal, which I cannot identify. If any readers wish to have a go, feel free to post a comment and give me your thoughts.


Von Bul is knighted by Steven Turner, a renowned fake and a member of many bogus orders.


Von Bul pictured wearing the insignia of another fake order.

Finally, the Pièce de résistance. As a hopeless social climber, von Bul seems to delight in meeting just about any any member of Royalty or Aristocracy. He boasts of having pictures with the Vietnamese Emperor, Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria, Count Andrei Tolstoy, members of the Astor family, former ministers, ambassadors, Boris Johnson, and even… Wait for it… Prince Michael of Kent. Now, calling oneself Lord and dressing up like a bad John Galliano whilst getting involved in fake Orders is one thing, but I simply cannot allow von Bul’s pack of lies to go on unquestioned if he’s fooling real members of Royalty. It is simply intolerable this man was even allowed in the same room as Prince Michael.

"I wonder who on Earth let that chap in."

“I wonder who on Earth let that chap in.”

All in all, not only does ‘”Lord'” von Bul (or perhaps, more aptly, von Buls**t) seem to have a very questionable set of honours, but everyone who he associates with aside from the rare legitimate aristocrat or Royal also seems to be involved in bogus groups such as the ones he’s in. He is usually spotted at some very dodgy events packed with renowned fakes and shouldn’t be trusted nor associated with. If you see this man, I’d suggest staying far away for him (after, perhaps, telling him to burn his wardrobe).


2 thoughts on “Evgeni Minchev von Bul

  1. The order he is wearing on the photo below the one with Steven Turner is not a fake order. It is the Order of Civil Merit of Bulgaria. Unfortunately that order was abolished in…1946… Too bad…

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