Pamela Anderson given fake title by bogus “Prince” Stefan

It has now emerged in a national newspaper that self-styled Prince of Montenegro, Stefan Cernetic, has fooled actress Pamela Anderson into accepting a false title of knighthood.


His Imperial and Royal Highness, as he prefers to be known, has tricked 47-year old celebrity and actress Pamela Anderson, bestowing upon her the (bogus) title of “Grand Dame of Montenegro”. Since he was ousted as a fraud on this website, a number of people have came forward condemning his activities, in fact, several individuals have now claimed he tried to sell them titles in exchange for thousands of pounds.

One of his own representatives, Jean Tamenne, AKA Juan Henri Lovinfosse Tamenne, tried to sell titles on behalf of the Prince for up to £500,000. The sad truth is that Stefan Cernetic, if that even is his real name, is a liar and a fake. His claimed links to European Royalty are obscure and not to be relied upon. He is by no means a member of any Royal or Imperial House- let alone is he the head of one.

He has no connections to the Royal Houses of Montenegro, Serbia, or Albania whatsoever. The titles and Orders he bestows upon those foolish enough to believe his arrant nonsense are just as bogus as his own. His companions seem to be just as deluded and Stefan Cernetic is nothing but a fraud and a conman.

For more about this fake Prince, please read my previous article.


3 thoughts on “Pamela Anderson given fake title by bogus “Prince” Stefan

  1. I love the fact that “prince Stefans” fans still try to protect him. He is a fraud and I know that many of the European royal houses are considering legal action against this fool. Look forward to that!

  2. Yes you are right , this Prince Stefan is for sure able to seduce his entourage and by the way he is been many time reported been Gay , look his entourage and you will understand ! , there are thousand of blind fan believing it no matter what . He was able to seduce German Air force military official who invite him as guest of honour in a private annual event in Bavaria last month , Even the Gen Johannes Rupprecht proudly wear a knight Order from this so call Prince . Prince Albert of Monaco one day will stop him playing around in Monte Carlo , he will finish in Jail sooner or later and his fan club will claim injustice …… This Stefan should have been an actor , I just feel so sad for his entourage , they will have a hard wake up . I try to open the eye of one of his FB friend and they just dead blind .By the way i have news for you all , Pamela Anderson will join his famous Ball in Santa Margarita near Portofino , I just read this in the Italian press !!! What the hells she expect , well i know , some people say the prince pay over 100 000 pounds to invite her as guest but as he sell the ball entry over 2000 euros he will get it for free and get profit , i think he just a business Prince machine .

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