Lord Dean David Burr


Did somebody say pest control?

Introducing the self-styled “Lord of Wimbledon”, Lord Dean David Burr, owner of Lords Environmental, a pest control company. Before you ask, no, this isn’t the newest edition to the cast of “Eastenders”.

Dean’s website, which is introduces him as “an official Lord, of Wimbledon and businessman”, bears two coats of arms, neither of which he has the legal rights to. It tells a dramatic tale, starting with humble beginnings and leading to the inheritance of a “title” owned by his Uncle. The specifics of this “title”, however, are not discussed and it is most likely manorial (which is treated as property rather than a peerage). This does not give Mr. Burr the right to call himself “Lord Burr”, or “Lord Dean”, and certainly not “Lord of Wimbledon”.

Mr. Burr however, seems to have forgotten this, and has gotten coverage in several local newspapers who have been fooled by his claims. “Lord” Burr also has his own youtube channel, which contains some hilarious videos- including a Christmas Message from “His Lordship”. It is somewhat disturbing that such obvious impostors can fool not only members of the public, but members of the press too.

Lords? More like Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle twat..

Lords? More like Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle twat..

When browsing his website, it is painfully easy to notice that it is FILLED with messages about self-styled “Lord” Dean’s Charity work. As admirable as this may be, it leads one to question whether he only does it to bolster his own reputation. For example, he is known to be friends with the infamous “Lord” Brett McLean of Hastings, who has used similar techniques to improve his credibility Do not be fooled by this- charity work is never an excuse for fraud.

With regards to Burr’s “chain of office”, featured in many of his photographs, the holders of peerages have no such insignia, and even if they did- it certainly wouldn’t look like the piece of tat Dean has strung around his neck- which looks like something that should be wrapped around a Christmas tree.

Jokes aside, Mr. Burr seems to do a lot of genuine charity work. It is sad that he then feels he needs his “title” to do so. Because of this, I am inclined to call Burr a well-meaning fool, who has been tricked into believing his title is legitimate. However, because of the fact that a number of people have already pointed out his claims are fake, I fear he knows exactly what he is doing; and is using good causes to bolster his own credibility. Not only this, birds of a feather flock together- most of Burr’s (supposedly) noble friends all have fake and self-styled titles.

I can only conclude that Burr is just as bad as his friends. His titles are bogus and should not be taken seriously, and his pretentious chains and insignia are all made up. Not only this, he uses his ridiculous claims to forward his own business. He may fool some members of the public- but do not let yourself be one of them. Burr is a fantasist whose title is as legitimate as the Duke of Monmouth.



One thought on “Lord Dean David Burr

  1. I was a friend of ‘Lord Dean’ on facebook. I knew he was fake because no real ‘Lord’ would wear chains out in public, plus I thought that was something only Mayors did. He is crazy, I read his lineage and it did not add up. Lord Brett Mclean, I am unsure however, if he is legitimate? never the less, he has a kindness about him. So many fake nobles these days. Prince Stephan, I have seen several pictures of him with a lot of notable people such as Farah Pahlavi, the royal family of Monaco and many other famous royals, how did he achieve this?

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